Services and prices

Prices are indicated for 1800 characters (with spaces) of the translated text:

Language Written translation (EUR) Urgent Technical Medical   
English  10,00  +50% from 12,00  from 11,50  
German  10,00-12,00  +50%  from 13,00  from 13,00  
 Russian  8,50  +50%  from 10,00  from 10,00  
Latvian 8,50  +50% from 10,00  from 10,00  


Other languages:

 Armenian from 28,50  Estonian from 17,00   Slovakian from 24,50
 Byelorussian from 28,50 Italian from 21.50  Finnish from 24,50
 Bulgarian from 26.00   Hebrew from 28,50  Spanish from 21.50
 Czech from 26.00  Chinese from 64,00  Turkish from 28,50
Danish from  21,50 Lithuanian from 14,50  Ukrainian from 14,50
French from 21.50  Macedonian from 24,50 Hungarian from 24,50
Greek from 28,50  Norwegian from 24,50 Dutch from 28,50
  Swedish from 27,00   Polish from 17,50   Serbian from 28,50
 Croatian from 24,50   Portuguese from 28,50  Romanian from 28,50


Notarization - 8,50 EUR/document + 6,00 EUR for all set of documents for inspecting database of the Register of Population and database of the Register of Invalid Documents by Sworn Notary)

Notarized copy - 3,50 EUR/page (in Latvian) - 4,50 EUR/page (in foreign language)
Notarized passport translated into Latvian / Russian - 21,50 EUR
Notarized passport translated into foreign language - 30,00 - 35,00 EUR
In particular cases prices can be changed upon agreement with customer.

Proofreading of texts - 50% of translation cost.

Price for 1800 characters with spaces, EUR
Latvian 4,50
Russian 3,50
English 5,00
German 5,00
Other languages from 7,00

In particular cases prices can be changed upon agreement with customer.

  •     Payment: in EUR either in cash or through wire transfer (payment in other currency is possible when you pay through wire transfer).
  •     We accept urgent orders.
  •     Cover charge if very urgent up to +50%.
  •     Prices depend on difficulty of a text. 
  •     You can submit a text to be translated in printed version, send it by fax or e-mail.
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