Written Translations:

Basic operations of our company are provision of written translations to our customers. Our translators are experienced in translating any texts from/into various languages.

You can submit a text to be translated in any format and we provide translated texts in Word document format or on various technical data carriers or in printed text format or otherwise as requested by You. When texts with illustrations are submitted in Word document format, translated texts will contain such illustrations as well.

Notarization or certification of translations:

When translating documents, we also provide notarization of translations or certification of translations by sworn translator if necessary.

Document translation has to be notary certified and sewn and sealed complete with the original or notarized copy of the original document. When You need notarized translation to be sewn and sealed complete with confirmed copy of the original document, we provide notarization of copy of such document when original document is available.

If translation does not require notarization, we certify the translations under signature and seal of sworn translator. No original documents are required in such case.