Translations certified by the Agency

Translations certified by the Agency

Our Agency provides high-quality translation services of documents covering diverse topics. A team of experienced and professional translators guarantees accuracy and faithful reproduction of information in any text translations. We specialize in translations of documents at different level of complexity, including contracts, certificates, certificates of various kinds, medical reports, as well as technical documentation.

We certify translations under the hand of the translator and the seal of the Translation Agency, if there is no requirement to notarize the translations.

We officially certify translations of documents made in our office to ensure their legal validity and recognition by government authorities. We guarantee the accuracy of each certified translation by the signature of our translator and the seal affixed by the Translation Agency. If the notarization is necessary, we also provide the corresponding services.

Our translation services are available to a wide range of clients, including individuals and legal entities. We guarantee the confidentiality of all documents provided to us and ensure secure storage of information.

If you feel a need for translating any document, please contact us! Our team will be pleased to help you in the field of translation and certification of documents!

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